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About Us

Lorelli & Co. is committed to providing the highest level of service in every assignment it undertakes. Clients receive exactly the range of skills and services that are needed in their particular situation.

Lorelli & Co. offers:

  • Demonstrated expertise in acquisitions and divestitures in the chemical industry spanning hundreds of transactions.
  • Specific knowledge and understanding of the chemical industry.
  • In depth experience in the range of functions involved in a chemical business: including sales, purchasing, manufacturing, technical, legal, human resources, environmental, tax and financial.

Extensive contacts in the chemical industry, at the highest executive levels and through middle management, covering companies of all sizes.

Charles A. Lorelli, Founder and President

Over 25 years experience in chemical industry acquisitions and divestitures spanning over 100 transactions. Previously an officer and director of Reichhold Chemicals and prior experience with Allied Chemical. Degrees in law and business administration. Founded Lorelli & Co., Inc. in 1994.

Lorelli & Co. is based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina - serving the chemical industry worldwide.